Comparing Doggy Daycare Facilities in Cincinnati

Questions you should ask any Cincinnati Doggy Daycare facility before finalizing arrangements for your pet’s stay:

You may be working long hours and do not want your dogs to be alone at home or just want to allow your dogs to socialize and enjoy. Doggy daycare facility is a solution for these concerns. If you are looking for a Cincinnati doggy daycare provider due to any of the reasons ensure the place is safe as well as fun for your dog. You may need to ask following questions to select the best place for your pet.

1) May I take a tour of the facility?
You may ask the owner or the manager for the tour of the day care facility. It is nice to see the area where your dog will be staying and may need to check if it is clean and properly sanitized. You must also find out the measures that the daycare facility is taking to ensure your dog’s safety. You may need to check if the place has proper ventilation and fencing. The floor of the facility must provide better grip.

dog daycare2) What is Dog to staff Ratio?
This is an important question too as for medium to large size dogs at least 1 person is needed to handle 10 to 12 dogs. For smaller dogs 1 person can easily handle 12 to 15 dogs. If the number of dogs is more it may not be safe. The staffing must be sufficient to watch the dogs, clean up, break any unacceptable play and move the dogs in and out of play area.

3) How are dogs grouped in day care?
In some facilities all the dogs play in the same room; however some better daycare facilities separate the dogs on the basis of their age, size, play- style, and activity level. This provides additional safety to the smaller dogs.

doggy daycare tips4) What type of activities will be there to keep the dogs engaged?
You can check with the daycare which activities dogs will do throughout the day. If they are offering any training that will really improve your dog’s behavior you must choose that facility.

5) What type of training does the day care staff have?
Always check that the day care staff has a formal training on dog behavior and understand the needs of the dogs by observing their body language. They must have experience in handling different breeds of dogs and should be able to break up any fights. The staff must be certified in pet first aid and CPR.

6) What is the procedure if there is a medical or other emergency?
Check whom they will contact in case of any medical emergency. Confirm if they contact your vet directly or they call you in case of any emergency. They must also have a documented emergency plan in case there is a dog fight or fire evacuation.

7) What are the vaccination requirements?
Most of the facilities require dogs to be vaccinated for DHPP, Bordetella and Rabies. You can check what vaccines do the daycare require and how do they track of the dates when vaccines are due.

8) Do you offer food in the play area?
The meal and snack to the dog must be provided in their rest area when they are isolated, as it is not nice to provide food in play area.

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